Integrate for iSeries has been designed specifically for users of IBM’s iSeries mid-range systems who wish to integrate EDI enabling software into their corporate business information systems.

In the current business climate EDI is the sensible way to communicate with your Customers and Suppliers. Companies are increasingly under pressure to react to customer demands and technical advances quickly. There has been a vast upsurge in the volume of electronic trading between companies, but there is little integration between the EDI enabling software and core business applications. Because of this lack of integration Integrate for iSeries was developed, a software solution which provides an intelligent interface between the EDI enabling package and core business applications. Integrate for iSeries was purchased by Intec in February 2001 from Peregrine Systems. Intec are continuing to support the existing Integrate for iSeries customer base as well as developing the product to meet the wider requirements of Intec’s new clients.

Integrate for iSeries is a standard integration tool that sits between the EDI enablers (eg INTERCEPT/400, TL AS/400) and the common ERP systems (eg SAP, PRISM, JDE). It provides all the common functionality and interfacing required within a mature EDI Integration environment.

Integrate’s key role is to smooth the process of moving data into or out of the core business applications. The smoothing process may include ‘cleaning’ or validating data received – and, if Integrate hasn’t been configured to correct problems, escalating them to the appropriate business managers when they occur so that the problem can be resolved with minimum disruption to the business.

The key features of Integrate for iSeries are:

  • Flexible screen based audit and control system

  • User defined rules at system, document and partner levels

  • Conversion of standard and complex codes and text data with embedded values

  • Common audit and control structure for all messages

  • Data Integrity checking

  • Error handling and correction facilities

  • Run, reverse and re-run facility for processing and re-processing documents

  • Event driven and automated EDI

  • Modular design

  • Multi-environment – run multiple companies using a single copy of Integrate for iSeries

The key benefits of Integrate for iSeries are:

  • Provides packaged ‘Plug and Go’ EDI message solutions

  • Minimises technical resources required to set up and maintain EDI

  • Provides common structural framework for current and future EDI requirements

  • Manages the conversion/transfer of data between EDI business applications

  • Simplifies the addition of new trading partners and messages

  • Eliminates data duplication and ensures data integrity

  • Common audit and control system makes testing and error resolution easier

Integrate for iSeries has proven to be immensely popular with many companies that have realised the benefits of faster development time, problem resolution and response to their partners requirements. These companies include Northern Foods PLC, Wyeth Laboratories, Seven Seas Ltd, and Campbells Grocery Products Ltd.

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