Create engaging experiences for customers, employees ,and partners at all digital touchpoints

HCL Volt MX is an industry-leading low code application development platform. You can deliver beautiful apps — fast — across any device, all on one platform. To meet today's challenges, you need to fundamentally change the way your organization works. It is imperative that organizations create engaging experiences for their customers, employees, and partners across all their digital touchpoints.

The HCL Volt MX platform powers developers’ productivity, agility, and speed, to build apps that transform customer journeys, employee engagement, and the business.

What Makes HCL Volt MX Special?

Customers have chosen the Volt MX technology stack to accelerate their development teams’ solution delivery from months to weeks. Plus, these solutions can easily scale to meet customer demands, whether it be for hundreds - or millions - of users.

Volt MX Platform

Build Once. Deploy Everywhere.

build once deploy everywhere Internal dev teams don’t have to be experts on iOS, Android, or any available platform. Manage a single code base and deliver across any digital touchpoint or device - even wearables and kiosks - with best-in-class UX.

Volt MX makes it easy to unlock your existing data and business processes to use across all channels. Secure integration capabilities hide all the backend complexity, helping developers build apps more efficient

What HCL Volt users have said;

Why did you purchase this product or service?HCL Volt MX

  • Create internal/operational efficiencies
  • Improve customer relations/service
  • Cost management
  • Improve supplier or partner relationships
  • Improve business process outcomes
  • Drive innovation
  • Improve business process agility

What do you like most about the product or service?

Iris and Foundry are easy to learn and use. Our IT teams have nicely adopted the platforms with minimum training. The platform nicely blended into our eco system as Foundry uses the industry standard connectors to talk to partner systems easily. We are able to "Re-Use" a lot of components across projects with the inbuilt component architecture thus enabling the lift and shift of our products across the globe in a timely manner.

What were the key factors that drove your decision?

  • Product functionality and performance
  • Product roadmap and future vision
  • Strong services expertise
  • Overall cost
  • Strong customer focus
  • Breadth of services

Source: Gartner Peer Insights 2021

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