People analytics applies statistics, technology and expertise to large sets of talent data, which results in making better management and business decisions for an organisation.

People analytics helps organisations to make smarter, more strategic and more informed talent decisions. With people analytics, organisations can find better applicants, make smarter hiring decisions, and increase employee performance and retention.

Most HR leaders are keen to drive their organisation forward and be an important voice at the table. Many are thinking broadly and creatively about how to leverage data to drive the people function for better business outcomes, but are unsure of where to start.

Organisations have been burned by big expensive IT projects and there is an incorrect assumption in many quarters that you need to spend big to get started. Whilst it may be tempting to acquire an expensive People Analytics system off the shelf, and recruit data scientists - for most companies this is both unrealistic and unnecessary.

Instead it is critical to find a solution which can combine people understanding with data and analytics skills.

Intec can help at 3 different levels

  • 1 Intec have been running a Storytelling in HR Training workshop for individuals or organisations regularly for the last couple of years which is aimed at anyone in an organisation who is tasked with or wants to take a leading role in getting their organisation engaged with the process of People Data to Actionable Insights. For any People Analytic project to succeed, HR initiatives must be directly connected to Business drivers. In practical terms this means marrying HR data with Business data. To that end the course instructor will ensure that the People and Business data in class exercises speak directly to individual attendees and their specific business challenges.
  • 2 We have also created PASS (People Analytics Support Service) as a highly flexible, low cost managed service to help access meaningful business insights from organisational data. Our Service model provides Business, Data and Analytical skills. We are genuinely excited by your data, your challenges and opportunities – and our experts work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your analytics continually align to business priorities.
  • 3 Finally we partner with some of the worlds best People Analytics solutions vendors to help you transition to an in house solution, should you wish to do so. We can help you select the right solution for you, implement it and get up and running, providing training to your employees if required.

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