We can help you create a talent management strategy that leverages our considerable experience. Our first priority is to listen; to understand your business, your challenges and your objectives.

Is employee turnover a concern for your organisation?  What about hiring staff in the future? Is there a way to identify workforce trends to anticipate tomorrow’s human resource needs today?

We develop plans to increase staff retention, improve team performance, inform organisational change and facilitate behavioural change.

Intec hold the highest level of IBM partnership attainment - Platinum, and we won the prestigious IBM European Business Partner of the Year award in 2017. As a consequence our consultants are fully certified in all aspects of IBM Talent Management Software, including the latest cognitive AI solutions. In addition, we have put all our experience into creating our own People Analytics service, which will help you address critical business issues by surfacing essential insights from your workforce data.

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is a cyclical approach that's geared towards building relationships, anticipating future hiring needs, and creating a sustainable pool of candidates. It is a strategic approach that develops and nurtures a talent pipeline with a long-term view.

Manage Skills/Competencies

Define the competencies and skills needed for a successful talent strategy today—and future-proof your organisation for tomorrow.


Today, quality of hire is more important than speed of hire. Hire with confidence.

People Analytics

People analytics helps organisations to make smarter, more strategic and more informed talent decisions. With people analytics, organisations can find better applicants, make smarter hiring decisions, and increase employee performance and retention.

IBM Watson Cognitive Talent

HR powered by AI is the new driver of business growth. Future-proof your talent strategy with Watson and transform your impact on the business.

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