Predict performance with the industry’s most robust catalog of proven assessments. Choose from over 1,200 assessments to find quality candidates—today.

  • Improve quality of hire

    Determine best-fit talent for your culture. Reveal candidate personality traits and problem-solving ability that will thrive in your company.

  • Accurately predict performance

    Confirm skill expertise with over 1,200 tests — including an extensive portfolio of Microsoft Office simulations —across numerous jobs and industries.

  • Improve business outcomes

    Identify critical talent and develop potential leaders by discovering strengths and uncovering development needs.

  • Accurate performance predictions with ready to use tests

  • Validated results and mobile-enabled tests

  • Multiple choice formats, including simulations and CAT

  • Capacity and capability assessments

  • Detailed candidate profiles

  • Consulting is available for custom assessment creation

  • Tests added as market needs expand

  • For global users

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments - Manage With Precision

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