Is your HR organization ready today for business tomorrow?

Imagine finding the right talent, faster, and guided by data. Opening up personalised pathways for your employees with AI-powered growth and development practices. Driving exponential business growth powered by talent empowered by technology.

With Watson tools for HR, companies are seeing a 64% increase in candidates who progress to a face to face interview, a 20% increase in average monthly hires by recruiter, and a 47% increase in candidates submitted per day from recruiter to hiring manager.

  • IBM Watson Career Coach for career management

    Personalised career management transformed with Watson

    • A cognitive talent management solution
    • IBM Watson Career Coach is a virtual assistant that aligns your business goals with your employees’ career goals. Through interactions and updates, Watson Career Coach learns about an employee’s preferences and interests, and makes recommendations for existing job opportunities and how to navigate future career moves.
  • IBM Watson Recruitment

    Recruiting software to increase recruiter efficiency and candidate quality.

    • Recruitment transformed by Watson
    • IBM Watson Recruitment is an AI powered cognitive talent management solution that increases recruiter efficiency to allow HR to improve and accelerate people’s impact on the business. It automatically predicts, without bias, the best suited candidates who are most likely to succeed in an organisation.
  • IBM Watson Candidate Assistant

    Engage job seekers in personalised career discussions. Recommend best-fit positions. Introduce your company culture.

    • Helping candidates find their fit
    • IBM Watson Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that engages job seekers in personalised discussions and recommends positions that fit their skills and experiences to help them find a job that they will thrive in and grow with. By building trust and confidence in their first interaction with your company, and recommending roles for job seekers that will fit their skills and experiences, costly hiring mistakes are avoided and new hires turn into valued employees who will contribute to the success of the company.

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