Define the competencies and skills needed for a successful talent strategy today — and future-proof your organization for tomorrow

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks is a ready-to-use job taxonomy and competency library. It provides industry benchmarks across 3,000+ job profiles and 2,000+ associated skills that have been developed over 30 years and can be personalised and curated with Watson.

Prescriptive skills and learning

Watson Talent Frameworks identifies the complete skillset needed for any job in your industry and defines best practice content for each job and competency, including interview questions, coaching tips, SMART goals and prescriptive learning suggestions.

  • Grow your business with the right skills.

    Hire for the newest, most in-demand jobs by defining the skills and competencies necessary for the latest industry-specific functional and technical roles.

  • Increase the value of HR applications.

    Mission critical HR applications rely on accurate skills data. Accelerate time to value for those applications by easily applying a jobs and skills framework continuously curated by AI.

  • Accelerate success for your AI projects.

    Quickly and easily align the most relevant skills and competencies to every job role, providing a consistent foundation on which to build AI applications.

  • Do more with less.

    Talent Frameworks can help increase employee engagement and retention by outlining clear career paths and employee development focused on skills to disrupt your competition

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