Talent acquisition is a cyclical approach that's geared towards building relationships, anticipating future hiring needs, and creating a sustainable pool of candidates.

The IBM Talent Acquisition Suite is an integrated set of recruitment solutions to help you find candidates who will thrive in your company. Bring marketing best practices to your talent acquisition strategies and effectively market your company as an employer of choice to attract and hire the talent that will drive the success of your organisation. Motivate jobseekers to connect and generate qualified applications, deliver exceptional candidate experiences on any device, and nurture until you find that ideal fit. Onboard quickly to jumpstart your new hires’ time to productivity.

  • IBM Kenexa Lead Manager

    An innovative CRM tool that is powered by a world-class consumer marketing platform to help recruiters find, attract, engage, and nurture talent. Lead Manager enables you to source top talent, build strong relationships and generate qualified applicants, as well as measure the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns.

  • IBM Kenexa BrassRing

    A market-leading, global ATS to help you quickly and easily select and hire the best person for each position. BrassRing’s powerful search technology helps recruiters find top candidates and can leverage social networks to continually broaden the talent pool.

  • IBM Kenexa Onboard

    A cloud-based onboarding solution that provides a seamless bridge between the candidate experience and the employee experience—and reduces cycle time, data-entry errors, and dependency on paper. Onboard also helps you accelerate new hire assimilation for faster time to productivity.

  • IBM Digital Analytics for Talent Acquisition

    An analytical tool that measures and monitors the candidate web traffic during the application process within IBM® BrassRing®, providing a clear view of candidate behaviours to help you measure and manage the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy and application process.

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