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Domino V10.0.1 Community Editions

Comunity client as well. — Barry Max Rosen (@B_ROSEN) 14 December 2018 It’s publicly official now. Barry Rosen has confirmed that Domino 10.0.1 will be released next week with the Domino Server Community Edition and the Notes Client Community Edition. The Notes / Domino / Administrator client has been free for some time, but …

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IBM Think Big Challenge – Join #YellowLivesOn

Yesterday, IBM announce the IBM Think Big Challenge, a fun community game in the lead-up to IBM Think. Daniel Lieber and I are team leaders for #YellowLivesOn, with Bill Malchisky and Amy Stonesifer leading our opponents. You don’t have to be attending IBM Think to get involved and you only need to be involved in …

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Thinking about IBM Think

With December just around the corner, it’s now that time of year when the days rapidly disappear towards IBM Think. This year it’s February 12-15 (Tuesday to Friday) in San Francisco, with the IBM Community Day preceding it. There is already a lot planned and many sessions finalised, but more announcements will come and more …

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Domino on Linux – Two Key Points for Developers

For a couple of weeks I’ve been working with Domino V10 on Docker, partly to use the App Dev Pack which is only available on Linux for the beta. There are a couple of gotchas that developers may fall into and may require changes of design. The first is that all file names and folder …

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The Changing Domino Environment Architecture

This article has been prompted by my previous one on Domino application development. One of the major differences between Domino application development in the past and the approaches for Node.js-related development in the future is architecture. But part of that could also be an inhibitor for existing customers, because of the incubated world of Domino. …

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Whither XPages?

Some years ago I wrote a blog post called “Whither the Notes Client”. At the time (2012) XPages was flourishing, the Notes browser plugin (subsequently ICAA) was being launched, Symphony was being stopped and the IBM-specific enhancements routed back to Apache OpenOffice and iNotes was being integrated into what is now Connections Cloud. My takeaway …

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IBM Domino, HCL and Websphere

One of the announcements from HCL at ICON UK was that their partnership with IBM had expanded since the HCL Factory Tour to include work on additional products, one of which is Websphere. Historically the word “Websphere” has often grated with Domino developers, because it seemed that Websphere was the preferred app dev environment over …

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What’s New in Domino V10: LotusScript Profiling Extended

Profiling of LotusScript agents has been something that can be enabled for some time and I’ve long been a fan of it, blogging about it in 2011. Profiling was also something built into XPages Toolbox by Phil Riand. It’s also something I’ve built into RADAAR and my OSGi plugins in Java – just a simple …

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