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Notes, Domino, Java and Open Source

As hopefully most developers are aware, at the beginning of the year Oracle changed the licensing terms for Java JREs (Java Runtime Environment), requiring a paid commercial license for any commercial use. For most Notes and Domino customers, that has meant no change. As long as I can remember, Notes (on Windows) and Domino have …

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Development Server Installation Gotchas

Following on from my last blog post, when I came to installing Domino I encountered two issues, both of which I’ve encountered before and both I’d forgotten the resolution and struggled to find it. Making mistakes is unavoidable. Making the same mistake twice, however, is. So I’m resorting to my standard resolution: blog about it. …

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OpenNTF Domino API, Graph Data Models and Visualization

For some time the OpenNTF Domino API has included Tinkerpop and an implementation to store content in a graph database structure. Recently I’ve been digging into that further for potential projects, prompted also by a redevelopment of that area of the OpenNTF Domino API and Nathan’s upcoming session at DanNotes. Graph databases are a common …

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Better Option for Faces-Config in Eclipse

A couple of weeks ago Jesse Gallagher posted a blog about getting the JSF faces-config visual editor working in Domino Designer. I followed up with how to enable the same functionality in Eclipse by setting up a faceted project. It turned out that had some knock-on implications to the NSF, which you can work around …

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JSF Tools Outside Designer

Yesterday, Jesse Gallagher wrote a great blog post on using an older version of the Web Tools Platform plugins in Domino Designer to get a better editor for faces-config files. For over a year now, I’ve moved beyond Domino Designer for chunks of my day job – SourceTree for source control, Perforce P4 Merge for …

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10 Reasons All Companies Should Use Open Source

After one of my sessions at IBM Connect I was approached by a developer whose company would not use open source. The comment made me despair more than a little and has festered for some time. I’ve used code and projects from OpenNTF for many, many years before subsequently contributing to OpenNTF. Obviously as a …

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Configuring Eclipse for Domino Debug Plugin

Some time ago Niklas Heidloff blogged about three kinds of XPages developers – those who just use drag and drop with SSJS / JavaScript; those who use Java but only in an NSF; and those who develop with Java outside the NSF. For some time I’ve been doing some development outside the NSF, but after …

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Adventures in Plugin-Land

Towards the end of last year we were asked about undertaking a Notes client plug-in development project. At the time my plug-in development experience was zero. Apart from a brief look at the source code of the Extension Library source code, my only other Eclipse experience was from about six years ago using the XML editors. And …

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