Repost: "On The Shoulders of Giants – How We Learn"

Today, I came across via Twitter a blog post from Gab Davis, community and IBM Champion legend – and I make no apologies for calling her that, because she is. The blog post concerned me a lot because our community is lauded – rightly so – as being generally more helpful, more collaborative, more open

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The Future of (Domino) App Dev in a Single Word

There have been some lively discussions over the last week about application development and Domino, initially prompted by a blog post by Niklas Heidloff but continued on Twitter. The comments included quite a wish list from IBM, but to my mind the future of application development – on Domino or elsewhere – can be summed

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Intec's IBM Champions

Last night the 2016 class of IBM Champions was announced and both myself (Paul Withers) and Tim Malone were re-selected as returning champions. The number of champions has increased again and there are 39 new champions. Not surprisingly, a large number of the champions are involved in some capacity in user group events, both organising

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Thanks, Bruce

For as long as I can remember, Bruce Elgort has been chairman of OpenNTF. I just looked up to see how long and found he’s been chairman since December 2001, almost as long as I’ve been developing Domino applications. OpenNTF has been a key resource for me as a developer, an area I’ve contributed to

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