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Watson Workspace Obituary

This week marks the passing of Watson Workspace, one of the few major innovations in the ICS space of the last decade. I say that because it was innovative not only in technology, but openness, open technologies adopted and showcased, design thinking approach, integration and most importantly user experience. It may be gone for good, …

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Repost: "On The Shoulders of Giants – How We Learn"

Today, I came across via Twitter a blog post from Gab Davis, community and IBM Champion legend – and I make no apologies for calling her that, because she is. The blog post concerned me a lot because our community is lauded – rightly so – as being generally more helpful, more collaborative, more open …

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IBM Domino App Dev Hits the Headlines

IBM Domino has always been very active within Germany. So it’s no surprise that online IT journal Heise Online published an article summarising recent blog posts about the current state of application development for the IBM Domino platform. IBM have shown a commitment to the platform for mail, always quick to say that Verse is …

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The Future of (Domino) App Dev in a Single Word

There have been some lively discussions over the last week about application development and Domino, initially prompted by a blog post by Niklas Heidloff but continued on Twitter. The comments included quite a wish list from IBM, but to my mind the future of application development – on Domino or elsewhere – can be summed …

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Intec's IBM Champions

Last night the 2016 class of IBM Champions was announced and both myself (Paul Withers) and Tim Malone were re-selected as returning champions. The number of champions has increased again and there are 39 new champions. Not surprisingly, a large number of the champions are involved in some capacity in user group events, both organising …

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Thanks, Bruce

For as long as I can remember, Bruce Elgort has been chairman of OpenNTF. I just looked up to see how long and found he’s been chairman since December 2001, almost as long as I’ve been developing Domino applications. OpenNTF has been a key resource for me as a developer, an area I’ve contributed to …

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