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Modernising Domino Applications: Technical Deep Dive Part Three

I didn’t realise this post was still in draft, so it’s took much longer than expected to publish. But it’s quite timely, because this covers Node-RED, and a blog post has been published this week covering some of the content from the slides of my session with Fredrik Malmborg at Engage. Still, better late than …

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Adventures in Understanding Directory Assistance Setup

tl;dr Node-RED is great for quick setup of polling, Directory Assistance document path separators are platform-specific and adding a correct new Directory Assistance makes any new directories immediately available. I’ve made no secret of my passion for Node-RED. I’m also someone who will find out how something works rather than just go for the nuclear …

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Modernising Domino Applications: Technical Dive

Last week I did a session on modernising Domino and XPages applications. Filling an hour seemed daunting when the session was accepted. So I went to the Oxford English Dictionary definition of modernisation: The process of adapting something to modern needs or habits Using that as a starting point gave me a very broad canvas, …

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Engage 2019: My Sessions

Engage 2019 was even busier than normal for me, so I’m going to split out the debrief of my sessions from a blog post about the conference itself. Similarly, I’ll cover the OpenNTF round table on the OpenNTF blog. There is some overlap, particularly as the OpenNTF round table reinforced personal views, had some synergy …

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Intec and OpenNTF At Engage

It’s less than two weeks until Engage and it’s going to be even busier than usual for me. It’s an increasingly interesting time with the products, with an explosion of opportunities and challenges, as business partners and community members. The build-up to completion of the acquisition of Domino, Connections and more may leave a lot …

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Docker and Data

One of the frustrations I have with trying new technologies is when the documentation covers a specific operating system, especially when it combines another technology that requires a certain level of understanding. I had that recently with a new product where the Docker commands for creating a container were given, with no explanation about them. …

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Adventures in Git

I’ve been using source control and git flow for a long time. Indeed I delievered a session with Declan Lynch at Lotusphere 2014 on source control. (If you want all 337 slides at over 17Mb, here is the download. If you prefer videos, I did a NotesIn9 covering the SourceTree part.) A blog post would …

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IBM Think 2019 Update

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons I will no longer be attending IBM Think 2019. This doesn’t affect my enthusiasm for and effort around Domino and Connections, and there is plenty going on with those over the next couple of months. I’ll still also be involved as a team leader of the Think Big Challenge, …

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