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OSGi, Maven and Building Domino p2 Update Sites

**SHAMELESS PLUG:** With me moving to HCL next month, it’s always important to ensure there is sufficient resiliency in the development teams of open source projects. There are always areas where OpenNTF Domino API may be of benefit, but there will be projects I’m involved in where it won’t. There will also be a big …

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OSGi Plugin Troubleshooting

Earlier this week I had a discussion with Graham Acres about an error with ODA. Firstly, there are two scenarios around plugin errors, and it’s important to know the difference: Errors in the “Problems” view in Domino Designer. This is a problem with your Designer client – or the last Designer client the application was …

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Installing ODA Into DDE Without Download

Just before Christmas Jesse Gallagher added directory download support to OpenNTF’s p2 Repository Browser. This means projects like OpenNTF Domino API can be installed into Domino Designer directly from a URL rather than going to OpenNTF and manually downloading the relevant release. It also means it’s possible to get the latest snapshot code as well. …

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Engage 2018

Later this month I will be speaking at Engage, delivering the session that John Jardin and I gave at IBM Think, “Tips and Tricks: Domino and JavaScript Development Masterclass”. As ever, Engage looks to be a major conference on the ICS calendar, with a very strong and interesting agenda. The direction that community sessions have …

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Scheduling XPages Code – Video and Addendum

Following the blog posts and the demo, which took some time, I’ve finally created a video on my YouTube channel, which you can also access below. It’s quite a long video but that’s because I go through all that I’ve gone through in the blog posts and more. And if it’s not included elsewhere – …

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Scheduling XPages Code – Part Six

So far we’ve covered using Node-RED triggering REST services which could be SmartNSF routes, XAgents or custom Java REST services in OSGi plugins – and indeed any REST endpoints, on Domino or beyond. Apart from re-using XPages code, there’s no real advantage so far over LotusScript or Java agents. But if agents are dependent upon …

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IBM Think Presentations

At IBM Think I presented four sessions. Two were on The IBM Champion and Community Day on Sunday. One was titled “Social Zero to Community Hero” with Tony Holder and Alex Ivanov, who was also announced as an IBM Lifetime Champion that afternoon. This detailed what a Champion is and the different paths a champion …

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Domino REST Service Plugins and Pre-Loading Caches

Last week I had an email from Mat Newman passing on a query for a REST servlet plugin. The person was noting that when sending a tell http osgi ss command to the server, the plugin was showing as “<<LAZY>>” and only changed to “<<ACTIVE>>” after the first call, when the code in the Activator …

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