Lessons in Optimising Performance

Over the last few months I’ve been involved with an application that has needed quite considerable optimisation and architectural modification. A few weeks ago I published a blog post about aspects of developing for performance and then followed up with a discussion about performance and Domino. In this blog I’m going to go into more […]

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Domino App Dev, Performance and Verse

Performance is an area that I have been very aware of with Domino, as I’ve previously blogged about. It’s an aspect I cover in basic XPages training and sessions I’ve done. But before going any further, it’s important to realise performance falls into two distinct areas – developer performance (speed to market) and code performance

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View.isRenderingPhase() and Buttons

One of the biggest impacts on performance is the rendered property of components. As I’ve blogged about before, it’s calculated multiple times during a partial refresh. If the rendered property is computed using Expression Language (e.g. #{viewScope.showTheseFields}), the impact is probably not very high: the check goes through the VariableResolver to identify the Java object

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Speaking At IBM ConnectED

Yesterday I heard that I was accepted for two sessions for IBM ConnectED at the end of January. They are: Title: XPages Performance and Scalability Conference/Track: Track 7: Master Classes Speaker(s): Tony McGuckin; Paul Withers Abstract: This session by Tony McGuckin and IBM Champion Paul Withers is a deep dive on key aspects of the

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Fully Understanding Rendered Property and Components With Events

Some time ago I posted about the number of times the rendered property gets calculated during the JSF lifecycle and the benefits of partial execution. (One caveat is that I haven’t re-tried that since 8.5.x, so more optimisation may have been built into the XPages runtime engine.) One way of optimising calculations in the rendered

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SBT and Propogating XPages Performance Preferences to Notes Clients Via Policy

XPages in Notes Client is one area that is receiving constant development. With 8.5.3 we gained Domino server and Notes client preferences XPagesPreload=1 and XPagesPreloadDB=myServer!!myDb.nsf/myXPage.xsp,myLocalDb.nsf/test.xsp. These preloaded the XPages runtime and preloads specific databases. Then with 9.0 we gained the functionality in Notes Client to define XPages that need to run on the server on

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