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XPages Partial Refresh and Server-Wide Xsp Properties

A new IBM technote has been released for XPages Partial Refresh Throwing CLFAD* Errors. As suspected, the cause was tightening up validation and, instead of falling back to reloading the page, it throws an error. I remember in 8.5.1 a similar issue where passing an error object to some logging started throwing an error because …

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OpenNTF Snippets – Investigating The Design

As you’ve hopefully seen, we’ve relaunched XSnippets as OpenNTF Snippets. There are quite a few changes, some decisions made that are less than traditional, but driven by some key factors. Indeed some may seem bad practice and are certainly not what may be made for other applications. But the driving force is a deep understanding …

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Why Source Control is Key to Everything

After a couple of days deep in XPages development (more on that shortly), I surfaced again to read Oliver Busse’s blog post about development IDEs. He makes some very salient points, but there is a more critical pre-requisite that’s not mentioned – source control, or rather DXL round-tripping. The root of the issue about development …

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Installing ODA Into DDE Without Download

Just before Christmas Jesse Gallagher added directory download support to OpenNTF’s p2 Repository Browser. This means projects like OpenNTF Domino API can be installed into Domino Designer directly from a URL rather than going to OpenNTF and manually downloading the relevant release. It also means it’s possible to get the latest snapshot code as well. …

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Thoughts on IBM / HCL Deal

It’s a few days since the news broke about the deal to sell various software solutions from IBM to HCL, coincidentally on the 29th birthday of Domino. There have been a number of blog posts, including reminiscencies to analyst reviews to interviews with HCL execs to HCL’s initial update to the community and various community …

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Domino V10.0.1 Community Editions

Comunity client as well. https://t.co/d5Hjd7vN2b — Barry Max Rosen (@B_ROSEN) 14 December 2018 It’s publicly official now. Barry Rosen has confirmed that Domino 10.0.1 will be released next week with the Domino Server Community Edition and the Notes Client Community Edition. The Notes / Domino / Administrator client has been free for some time, but …

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IBM Think Big Challenge – Join #YellowLivesOn

Yesterday, IBM announce the IBM Think Big Challenge, a fun community game in the lead-up to IBM Think. Daniel Lieber and I are team leaders for #YellowLivesOn, with Bill Malchisky and Amy Stonesifer leading our opponents. You don’t have to be attending IBM Think to get involved and you only need to be involved in …

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Thinking about IBM Think

With December just around the corner, it’s now that time of year when the days rapidly disappear towards IBM Think. This year it’s February 12-15 (Tuesday to Friday) in San Francisco, with the IBM Community Day preceding it. There is already a lot planned and many sessions finalised, but more announcements will come and more …

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Plugins Not Picked Up From Update Site

Recently I’ve been working on an extensive OSGi REST service plugin, based on ODA Starter Servlet. Local development is using a pde launch configuration to load my plugins directly from Eclipse. Even with ODA Starter Servlet being maven-enabled, which means building the update site takes moments, running directly from Eclipse is much more preferable. The …

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