For as long as I can remember, Bruce Elgort has been chairman of OpenNTF. I just looked up to see how long and found he’s been chairman since December 2001, almost as long as I’ve been developing Domino applications. OpenNTF has been a key resource for me as a developer, an area I’ve contributed to over recent years and recently joined the board. I couldn’t possibly speak about all the work Bruce has done over the years for OpenNTF, but it’s continued to evolve in recent years. As an organisation it’s moved to a not-for-profit company. As a community resource it’s reinvented the Code Bin as XSnippets, delivered Collaboration Today, started running webinars and begun a significant redesign following the RFP in February. Projects can now be integrated with GitHub for source control management and issue tracking. Under Bruce’s stewardship OpenNTF has continued to be the go-to resource for Domino developers.

Two words seem unsatisfactory to sum up our feelings, but when they come from the whole community, maybe their power will be magnified sufficiently. So: thanks, Bruce.

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