A couple of weeks ago we presented an excellent webinar with Uffe Sorensen titled “The Future of Collaboration Solutions Under HCL”. Obviously there were topics that were off-limits until the acquisition closes. But it was useful to see some of the visions and the themes of the Digital Solutions portfolio.

You can access the replay here.

There were a number of questions and areas we did not have time to cover or that were rather specific. Uffe has kindly followed up on those and they’re included below:

Will there be a technical event like Lotusphere used to be? The later more business-oriented IBM events were nowhere near as valuable to me as a developer.

Events like engage.ug, dnug.de, collabsphere.org  and the special HCL Lab Tours include tech updates and discussions, however, HCL is working on new product certfications and enablement materials.

Will iPad and Android have complete functinality with GPS & QRcode?

You should raise this requirement via the DOMINO pages on AHA.IO – the general intention is to support majority of device features.

When will we know more about HCL Atlas?

Atlas is a carrier grade e-mail capability.  For more information contact stuart.mckay@hcl.com

Will I be able to run business applications offline in a browser?

The immediate focus is to provide a Nomad/IBM Domino Mobile Access kernal on all Android and iOS devices – including ChromeBook … and of course Mac and Wintel …running “offline in a browser” will ultimately depend on the particular environments’ ability to provide persistent offline storage.  Much more about this when HCL unveils our client strategy beyond V11 later in 2019.

I would say the current designer is looking feeling very dated even for the LotusScript/XPages developers.  Any plans on some updates?  Or even improving the on disk strucutre thing so we can use other editors?

Indeed planning enhancements to DESIGNER – for specific requirements, pls go to domino.ideas.aha.io. Key investment focus now is providing the citizen developer a new visual builder – similar to what HCL LEAP (a.k.a. Forms Experience Builder) provides.

What I would like to know is whether the HCL platform thinking makes you look at integrations like domino web app in a websphere website or l a LEAP form in a domino web app – what about authorization and those basic platform tech issues?

This and more was covered at DNUG.

Question from Russia. according to our law, foreign company selling sw to Russian client should register in our state tax service. are HCL reps aware of it? is that process started? as of January 1, 2019 Russian client buying SW from foreign company should pay VAT. will russian price list be corrected? because client pays twice in our case.

HCL is working with a number of partners in Russia to establish proper go-to-market after the IBM divesture..  For now, IBM is responsible for the go-to-market.  However, issue is well understood by HCL.

There was also a geo-specific queries from South America and HCL are following up with the individual directly.

There is a definite intention to have more webinars, so stay tuned.

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