It’s (hopefully) widely-known that one of the key influencers on Notes Client startup speed are the jvm settings in <notes>\framework\rcp\deploy\ The three key ones are

  • vmarg.Xmx – the maximum Java heap size allocated to the client
  • vmarg.Xms – the initial Java heap size allocated to the client
  • vmarg.Xmca – the incremental memory allocated to the Java heap size

In base Eclipse it’s also possible to set these, in the eclipse.ini and display the current heap size in the preferences, on the General tab.

That setting for displaying the current heap size has also been available in Domino Designer’s preferences for some time. You can’t see the setting in the Notes Client, only in Domino Designer. It’s again on the General tab.

However, in previous versions it was not sticky: it only displayed for the current Notes session; as soon as you closed Notes and re-started it, the setting was no longer enabled. The good news is that with V10 this setting is sticky, so you can easily see how much Java memory is being used and, if required, perform garbage collection. Typically, I’ve not seen the current allocation exceed 256Mb, often quite a bit lower. Java heap size in base Eclipse is quite a bit higher than Notes, not surprising because it’s running more functionality.

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