Over the next few weeks I shall be rather busy talking about a variety of topics.

Tomorrow is the latest OpenNTF Webinar, How did you do that? Hear from the Winners of the XPages App Dev Contest (10am EST). I shall be speaking about XPages OpenLog Logger project – some of the development techniques I used in the project as well as some of tools I used to manage the project. There’s a lot in it, bearing in mind the project includes a Managed Bean, a PhaseListener, interaction with xsp.properties and notes.ini and an OSGi plugin. In terms of tools used to manage the project, there are JavaDocs, Eclipse, GitHub and Dora. In addition there are two branches for the project – an Extension Library version and a non-Extension Library version. GitHub has been invaluable in managing these two versions side-by-side.

Then, at the beginning of September, I shall be speaking at ICON UK. As ever, ICON UK is packed full of excellent speakers and the keynote speaker is Scott Souder, Program Director for Messaging and Collaboration Solutions.

The session I had accepted was org.openntf.domino: Making Domino Work the Way You Want. I’ll be giving an overview and walking through demonstrations of the OpenNTF Domino API, covering its features and benefits, demonstrating how to deploy it, how to implement it and just how it can save a lot of headaches.

I will also be delivering a session on behalf of Howard Greenberg and Paul Della-Nebbia of TLCC, Mobilize Your Notes/Domino Applications with the IBM Mobile Controls. I’ll be diving into the XPages Extension Library mobile controls, a how-to with demonstrations and some gotchas. Mobile development has a wealth of approaches and the approach chosen can have a significant impact on the feature-set available. So it’s important for customers to think carefully about features they may want to use in the future, to ensure the most cost-effective approach while managing future scalability and critical functionality.

On the dat after ICON UK I shall be delivering the Tack It On on behalf of TLCC, deep diving into using the Extension Library controls. This one-day session has previously been delivered at IamLUG and will be delivered in the next couple of weeks at MWLUG.  There are still some places available and places can be booked from the link above. Not only do you get a day’s training from one of the authors of the XPages Extension Library book, you also get full access to the TLCC course as well as one year’s online instructor support. The cost is just $499 – the course itself would normally cost $899.

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