Its going to be a busy time over the next couple of months, wth three brand new sessions to present.


Do You Wanna Build A Chatbot, Thursday September 13th, 4:15pm, Room 4

First up is ICON UK in less than a month’s time. My session will focus on Watson Assistant (formerly Watson Conversation) and how to use it within a chatbot. The session will draw deeply on a chatbot that’s already been used live by some, the chatbot on the FAQs pages of the ICON UK site. The session is broadly focused and it’s unlikely there will be any code shown – primarily because that’s not how you develop on Watson Assistant!. It will cover what’s available in Watson Assistant, best practices for choosing and building a conversational workflow, considerations for deployment of Watson Assistant into suitable user interfaces, and devops maintenance to optimise ongoing usage. Although covering Watson Assistant in some detail, there’s a lot of expositional background around chatbots in general that will be relevant whether you choose Watson Assistant or an alternative service. It’s likely that if you’ve not been asked about chatbots, that end users are already using and considering them, so it’s only a matter of time. Here’s the abstract:

Chatbots are *the* hot topic in IT and Watson Assistant is at the heart of the chatbot landscape. But what is Watson Assistant? How does it fit into a chatbot architecture? How can it integrate with custom applications? And why are *you* the right person to do that? Get your geeky fill of Watson in this deep dive on building your chatflow and integrating it with the various other services required to create a powerful chatbot.

Social Connections

Then in the middle of October it’s Social Connections in Berlin. It’s great to be speaking at Social Connections again, this time delivering two sessions.

You Get What You Give, Wednesday October 17th, 8:30am, Tinker Room, with Luis Suarez

This will be another session where the focus will be away from code, concentrating on Watson in the context of a history of “smarter working” over a number of decades. It will focus on how the roles of man and machine have evolved, the (possibly misconceived) reasons why projects have failed, the lessons learned and not learned and the important steps that need to be taken for success. We’ll cover various interpretations of AI and maybe give some insights to ensure a greater chance of success.

Through the decades the goal of AI has been to allow companies to get better insights from unstructured big data. Essentially, work smarter, not necessarily harder. Why could Watson succeed where previous technologies have failed? And if so, does a dystopian future of man vs machine mean we are an ‘endangered’ species? Join us as we look at history to interpret the present and try to predict the future of collaboration the impact of A.I. in today’s workplace.

ICS Integration with Node-RED and Open Source, Wednesday October 17th, 2:50pm, Tinker Room, with Stefano Pogliani

In case anyone was wondering whether I do any coding these days, this session will be technical. We’ll be digging into the open source libraries available for integration with two ICS products, Watson Workspace and IBM Connections. We’ll see what they offer and give an insight into coding nodes for those interested in extending the projects. This is by far the easiest way of integrating and, with Domino V10 extending integration to JavaScript development with the DominoDB NodeJS module, a timely offering for application developers.

Node-RED has become a powerful integration platform over the last year. Two open source libraries have been developed to provide Watson Workspace and IBM Connections nodes for Node-RED developers. We’ll show you how to leverage these to provide better integration between ICS technologies and show how easy it is to build your own node or get involved in these open source projects.

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