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I’ve had the request to post the update site for Eclipse Color Themes that can be used in Domino Designer, built from version 0.12.0. I’m conscious it can be a bit daunting if you’re not familiar with Eclipse, and although I would encourage developers to have a go (the instructions are on my previous post), here is a pre-created Update Site. All credit goes to the guys who developed the plugin, I’m just packaging up an old version that I haven’t found pre-packaged anywhere.

To install, just open Domino Designer, choose File > Application > Install and select Search for new features to install. Then click on the button Add Zip/Jar Location… and point to the zip file. Then just accept the defaults to import.



2 thoughts on “Update Site for Eclipse Coloor Themes”

  1. Thanks for that!
    This will help all those who did not follow your previous post – or don’t want to bother with build processes etc. 😉
    I made it with your instructions, worked as easy as pie.

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