Panagenda have long been a great supporter of Notes and Domino and the community. With free entitlements like ApplicationInsights, MarvelClient Essentials and MarvelClient Upgrade Free they have continued to support IBM’s and HCL’s investment in the platform.

MarvelClient Upgrade’s free edition allows upgrade to 10.0.1 FP1 so. But last week FP2 was released. Isn’t it better to encourage people to upgrade to the most recent fix pack? Well, if you agree, now’s the time to act. Panagenda have promised that if this tweet reaches 200 retweets by the end of the week (7th June 2019), MarvelClient Upgrade Free will support FP2. I think our community can manage that, but let’s see if we can reach 200 before even the end of today 😉

And after retweeting, take a little time to review the Panagenda solutions. A little time spent is a small price to pay for Panagenda’s generosity.

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