Over the last week or so I’ve been making some major enhancements to the XPages Help Application I provided on OpenNTF earlier this year, now available at the shortened URL http://xhelp.openntf.org. The main areas have been adding dijit.Tree support for the navigation, but also fixing an issue that meant images didn’t appear when viewed in Notes Client.

I had a couple of queries – one about how to reference server-based images for XPages in Notes Client and the other about the correct syntax for dijit.showTooltip(). Both times I resorted to Google. The first answer I found in responses to a blog post I had made that had then been transferred to xpages.info. The second answer I found on a blog post from my own blog. It’s not the first time I’ve had this happen to me, but it’s a timely validation during Social Media Week and while IBM is heavily pushing Social Business with the twitter hash tag #ibmsocialbiz. I started blogging to help others. It’s turned into a very useful tool to help myself too. That’s why Social Business is important, whether by using wikis inside the firewall or blogs outside. From a personal point of view, to avoid wasting time trying a second time to work out something you worked out months or years ago. And from a business point of view, to share knowledge and avoid two (or even more) people spending time and making the same mistakes, just to come to the same conclusion and learn the same lessons.

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