First of all, apologies for not making further progress on the validation tutorials. Prior to a customer meeting, I was doing a final review of the mixture of client-side and server-side validation I implemented, and found problems. It looks like 8.5.1 may be able to address this, so watch this space.

So as a fall-back I used a modified version of Option 2. This worked fine. I had set this up as Option 3 and was getting ready to post that up. But when I checked that code after upgrading my server to 8.5.1, not only did that stop working, but Option 2 also stopped working.

I’m gone through the xspClientDojo.js script library, but can’t see any relevant changes that could have caused my own validation to stop working. Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. You can download the sample database I put together than has Option 2 (you can download the database from this page, the XPage in question is scriptedValidator.xsp). Click here to see Option 2 working live on our dev 8.5.1 server. You’ll see from a ‘Loading Validator’ message (twice, once for the radio button, once for the checkbox) that I’ve added to show it’s using the right validator, but you won’t see a ‘Validating Validator’ message that I’ve added within the this.validate function. (After save it reloads the page, so you’ll get the ‘Loading Validator’ message twice again.)

Again, any ideas on this would be very gratefully accepted. Hopefully I’m just doing something very stupid that somehow worked in 8.5 when it shouldn’t have done.


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