A little over a year ago I went on an XPages course. The power of XPages to develop a scalable, flexible solution was obvious. Ok, one of my colleagues will admit that I wasn’t convinced after day one of the course. I was working on upgrading an existing web application. But after day two I was salivating at the power of repeat controls to display and edit documents in a imaginative layout.

At about the same time I had tried promoting my first novel to a couple of agents, and got rejections. I expected to get rejections, that didn’t influence me. But I started thinking that with an absence of recent published material to point publishers to and nothing other than a manuscript, I had to appreciate there was little reason for anyone to take a chance on me. That was when I started thinking about putting together a website.

After some discussions with the directors at Intec, I suggested a collaboration for me to develop an XPages-based website building tool in exchange for hosting. It took me a lot longer than it should have done – prevarication is one of my biggest faults – but finally a couple of months ago the website went live, and you can see the website here.

My novel springs from my degree in Classics and charts the lives of Jason and Medea, dealing with the Greek mythology of the Argonauts, Heracles, Theseus and others in the generation before the Trojan War. In the background are the turbulent events of Thebes in the aftermath of the exile of Oedipus and the build-up to the city’s destruction.

The XPages application uses the oneuiv2 themes to present a clean display, can be branded, and offers a flexible, extensible layout. The design has drawn on my own experience of developing XPages applications over the last year, as well as adding to my learning and this blog (XWeb is the source for the articles I wrote on referencing server-based images and extending the dijit Editor).

As well as viewing the website I built with XWeb, a video showing the features and administration interface is below.

To find out more about XWeb, please contact Intec.

2 thoughts on “XWeb: Another XPages Application in Action”

  1. Hi Paul

    Just to find out if you had chance to upload the demo nsf for “Creating a Live Text Widget to Launch an Authenticated XPage”?



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