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Intec Connections Quickstart for LND

Intec Social Business Adoption Quickstart

Domino REST Development Enablement High-Level Agenda

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XPages Technical Enablement High-Level Agenda

XPages Mentoring Package

Maximising The Benefits of IBM Domino 9.0.1 With XPages

Managed Application Hosting for your Domino Application

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XPages Developer Roadmap

XPages is a big change from traditional Notes Client or Domino Web development. But by leveraging a variety of standard development skills, it makes Domino development more accessible to more developers than ever before. Skills can and should be built up gradually, supported by training and time to investigate open source examples. This roadmap gives ideas for next steps based on your current experience and resources to support your professional development.

XPages Developer Roadmap 2nd Edition (double-sided)

XPages Developer Roadmap (double-sided)

XPages Developer Roadmap 2nd Edition (Single Page)

XPages Developer Roadmap (Single Page)


IBM Cheat Sheet imageAs IBM Lotus Notes changes to IBM Notes, the Notes client remains an extremely rich platform for mail and applications. As with many platforms, training is often limited, leading to frustrations for those using it. But this does not need to be the case. Using these Cheat Sheets from Intec you can find a wealth of tips, whether it\’s keyboard shortcuts for easy tasks, navigating documents in a view, searching, exporting or rich text. Most, if not all, also work in the IBM Notes browser plugin. The cheat sheets are intended for end users, whether new or old, to improve the user experience of IBM Notes and IBM Lotus Notes.

IBM Notes Social Edition Cheatsheet

Lotus Notes 8.5 Cheatsheet

Lotus Notes 8.0

Lotus Notes Basic

IBM Notes Social Edition 11x17 (for printing)

Lotus Notes 8.5 11 x 17 (for printing)

German Editions (thanks to Andreas Imnitzer)

IBM Notes Social Edition Cheatsheet (DE)

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 Cheatsheet (DE)

IBM Notes Social Edition Cheatsheet (DE) 11x17 (for printing)

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 (DE) 11 x 17 (for printing)

Italian Edition (thanks to Andreas Ponte)

IBM Notes Social Edition Cheatsheet (IT)