TLCC XPages Training

Our Business Partner, TLCC, was the first to offer a comprehensive course on XPages. Now, TLCC offers a complete line of XPages training courses to make you an expert. All TLCC courses include many demonstrations and activities you will do “live” in Domino Designer.

No simulations or videos are used.

You will get hands-on experience building XPages while learning at your own pace in your own home and/or office.
Need help? An expert TLCC instructor is a click away via an integrated course discussion database. 

TLCC also offers XPages courses in an Instructor Led On-line format too!

The current XPages courses are:

FREE COURSE – Introduction to XPages Development

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JavaScript for XPages Development is for developers who have not programmed in JavaScript before.
Take this course before taking any of the XPages development courses. The course covers:

  • The basics of the JavaScript programming language
  • How JavaScript is used in the XPages Editor
  • Core JavaScript Language and Syntax
  • The String, Array and Regular Expression Objects
  • The JavaScript Object Model
  • The differences between Client-side and Server-side JavaScript
  • How to use Client-Side JavaScript on XPages
  • The basics of Server-Side JavaScript
  • How Java and the Domino Object Model works with Server-side JavaScript


This course is designed exclusively for Domino developers who want to get started with XPages but need to learn JavaScript. After this course you will be ready for TLCC’s XPages courses.
There are many demonstrations and activities you do right in Domino Designer. An expert instructor is a click away if you need help.
Developing XPages using Domino Designer 8.5 takes a deep dive into XPage development including:

  • All of the XPages controls
  • XPages events
  • The JavaScript editor and the use of Server-Side JavaScript
  • The various programming options including the @Functions and the Domino Object Model
  • How Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used in XPages and Themes

Also, advanced techniques such as:

  • Combining a view and a document on the same page
  • Doing “joins” of data from different views
  • How to use multiple data sources on XPages
  • Integrating Java and web services

See what one student said:

The course is wonderful!!! It covers information I had never come across in all the blogs and tutorials and help files. And the way it was presented, with the demos and activities was perfect!


XPages 2 Development for Notes and Domino 8.5 covers:

  • XPages architecture and events
  • Specific uses for Custom Controls
  • How to use Dojo to add Web 2.0 features
  • Creating different types of charts and graphs using Domino data
  • The OneUI theme
  • Displaying reports using the Dojo DataGrid widget
  • Creating “XAgents” to output Domino data in XML and JSON data formats
  • Using XML and relational data as data sources
  • Creating a great user interface with Dojo dialog boxes
  • Allow users to expand and collapse all categories in a view
  • How to use third party CSS frameworks like Blueprint on your XPages
  • Fix display issues with categories in a View Control
  • Return the user back to the correct starting view page from where they opened a document
  • Localizing your XPages for different languages
  • Plus, many more topics to enhance your XPages skills!


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