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Creating a Live Text XPages Widget Revisited

Some time ago I produced a video, on Intec’s channel on youtube, showing how to use an XPage to create a live-text enabled widget. The beauty of this technique is it works in any 8.x Notes Client, it just needs a Domino 8.5.x server. I’m currently using the same technique to create a reporting sidebar panel for …

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@ThisName and The Power Of Repeat Controls

After using XPages for some time, I am currently coding an interface for 7.0.x Notes Client to allow users to review and update multiple documents at once. Not surprisingly, I’m getting a bit frustrated at how easy it would be in XPages. Just add a repeat control, define the data, add one set of controls, …

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Embedded View from a Different Database – A Scalable Alternative

One of my standard interview questions is to pose a challenging real-life scenario I encountered a few years ago. The scenario posed is of a suite a databases developed for use on Notes Clients minimum release of 6.5.x and maximum release of 7.0.2. The requirement is for users to open a document in database A …

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XULRunner and XPiNC

Not for the first time I came across something I had not been aware of before, and then had a second occurrence within a week. It’s something I’ll bear in mind for the future and, as such, I think it’s worth sharing. The first occurrence was last week. I’ve long held it true that if …

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