Now and then I come across a bit of functionality I never knew about. Occasionally I’m embarrassed to find out it’s been there for ages!

An example of that is the Run in background client thread option for Notes agents. I only noticed this because of the clearer layout for Agent properties in Domino 8.5 and, coincidentally, a customer had recently expressed frustration at a lengthy agent running and tying up the Notes Client. I enabled the property for the agent. When saving the agent it gives the following prompt, but still allows MessageBoxes to be generated to the user.

Save Prompt

However, when the agent ran, I got this message on the status bar – KBytes Left: 4,194,281, Estimated Time Left: 1719 Hours, 57 Minutes, 44 Seconds:

Status_Bar: Kbytes left

The figures involved were erroneous and the customer was very concerned that this could be confusing for end users, so I set about trying to suppress it. Searches on the forum threw up this thread that encountered a similar message, but no resolution. So like a dog with a bone I set about identifying the cause. My cause was helped by the fact that the status bar threw the message several times, giving different numbers each time. With msgbox statements I pinned down the line that caused the status bar messages – Call embobj.ExtractFile(strFileName). It didn’t write to the status bar the first time, but did on subsequent passes.

I’m still not sure quite what the message means, but it looks to be connected to saving the embedded object to the PC. Adding Print “” immediately after the extraction didn’t work, but I was printing progress to the status bar on each pass, so just repeated that print statement. On initial investigations this seems to suppress the message on most occasions.


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  1. Hi

    I have used this feature from time to time, but my general experience is, using this feaure makes the Notes client very unstable.

    Just do a little bit of serious work while the agent runs in the background and the client will crash.

    However I have only positive experiences with running “local scheduled agents” in the client.

    /Jesper Kiaer

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