Here’s a nice little tip if you want to check the output from an @Formula. I don’t think it’s documented anywhere, but I’ve been using it since R5 (I think) and it’s come in quite useful. I’m sure that when I tried it in the new Eclipse client in R8, it didn’t work. But I happened to try it yesterday in the 8.5.1 client, and it does work again.

All you need is a text field, your @Formula and two fingers. I usually create a new memo and use the Subject field. Type or paste your formula into the text field, like so.

Formula in Text Field

Then press Shift + F9 (this is the Windows shortcut, I’m not sure about Macs). Hey presto! The @Formula is evaluated.

Formula outcome

This can be particularly useful for testing an @DbLookup, complex formula or formula you want to put into an Evaluate statement in LotusScript. It also gives you an opportunity to quickly test formulae including a value from a field.

5 thoughts on “The Lotus Notes In-Built Formula Tester”

  1. It makes me wonder how many other little gems like this have been floating around, especially if you started notes around version 5 like I did.

  2. Great tip!!! I’ve known and forgotten about this tip several times over the years. Currently I was in the “Forgotten” state until your blog post.


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