Software Application Support

As well as proven software development services, Intec provide outstanding support services with dedicated teams supporting a wide range of customers and applications.

Intec’s emphasis on pro-active, responsive support processes removes business risk, improves system quality and reduces ongoing support costs over time.

Intec provide support for applications that we developed for our own customers, but are also happy to remove business problems and risk by taking on support for systems developed by a third party.

Applications to be supported are usually assigned Intec primary and secondary technical contacts for our customers, meaning that the knowledge we have of your application is not held with just one person. Additionally these resources will be permanently employed by Intec, and not temporary or overseas workers.

Over years of experience we have found that this approach maximises support efficiency and software quality in the long term.

Our certified technicians are encouraged to take a holistic view of any reported issues and will suggest solutions to issues that consider long term maintainability and the business context rather than focussing narrowly on simply resolving the incident at hand.

Intec developed applications

Support calls come in and are dealt with directly by our development teams, so issues are usually investigated and resolved by the developers that originally wrote the code.

Third party developed applications

It is increasingly common for customers to come to us in search of an established and financially secure company to take on the support of their applications when the original developer has left the customer or if a third party company is no longer willing or capable of providing support to the level required.

We can resolve such problems and mitigate business risk by taking over the third party’s support responsibilities. The quality of our certified technicians allows us to rapidly come up to speed with unfamiliar systems and provide helpful, thorough and highly responsive support from the moment of hand-over.

Our high-quality development services are also available to extend and improve supported systems, as required.

If you would like to know more about Intec’s Software Application Support, how it could benefit your organisation or more about Intec’s wide range of IT solutions, request a call back here