IBM Connections for Cloud

IBM Connections for Cloud

IBM Connections for Cloud is a portfolio of online services, hosted by IBM, that delivers scalable, security-rich email, Web conferencing and collaboration solutions. IBM Connections for Cloud is delivered through the SaaS model. IBM Connections for Cloud services provide users with new ways to work more effectively with people inside and outside their company, including customers, partners and suppliers, at a very predictable monthly rate.

These business-optimised services are free of advertising or customer data mining and are not consumer applications that have been repurposed for business.

The integration of the services gives users the functionality of three or more products in a single offering.

A cost-effective alternative to on-premise deployments, IBM Connections for Cloud provides the right functionality at the right cost to business users; it can save time and money by delivering only what users need to be successful. This delivery model, combined with simplified online collaboration, makes it easier to do business with virtually anyone, anywhere, any time. IBM Connections for Cloud provides these offerings:

  • Web conferencing, including IBM  Meetings
  • Collaboration.
  • Email, including IBM Notes and IBM iNotes

IBM Connections for Cloud aims to provide flexible services that suit a wide range of requirements.

  • For organizations looking to host virtual online meetings that can accommodate 15, 25, or 1000 guests, IBM Connections for Cloud provides IBM Meetings. Accessed through the Web, IBM Meetings can take place almost anywhere, anytime, with anyone. IBM Meetings can help enhance team productivity, shorten sales cycles, and contain travel costs.
  • For organizations holding several Web seminars or training events and that want event management capabilities along with Web conferencing, IBM Connections for Cloud provides LotusLive Events, an online event management service.
  •  To connect with customers or colleagues in the organization, IBM Connections for Cloud provides an innovative solution with its IBM Connections for Cloud offering. IBM Connections for Cloud delivers integrated online social networking and collaboration tools for networking, business instant messaging, and more.
  •  For organizations requiring a unified platform to connect to their business partners, share information, organize online meetings, and use instant messaging capabilities, IBM Connections for Cloud – Engage is an integrated suite of tools that combines your network with Web conferencing and collaboration capabilities.
  • Every organization requires a full-fledged mail client with rich features, security, and easy setup. IBM Connections for Cloud – Notes adheres to these requirements and is an online service accessed using the IBM Notes client. This service supports all of the features of a locally installed client connected to the IBM Domino back-end services that are hosted by IBM.
  • For corporate workers who don’t currently have access to corporate email or those who are over-served by feature-rich collaboration capabilities that they don’t use, IBM Connections for Cloud provides a different solution in the form of IBM Connections for Cloud – iNotes. IBM Connections for Cloud – iNotes is an online Web mail service that features essential email, calendaring, and contact capabilities, multi-level administration, and branded interfaces. IBM Connections for Cloud – iNotes can coexist with an already existing on-premise email solution, or it can be operated as a stand-alone solution.


These offerings, when leveraged together, can help you be more productive in business. Organizations can choose to use services or combine them with traditional on-premise servers in a variety of ways to meet their needs.

For example, one hybrid solution is to purchase the IBM Connections for Cloud – iNotes offering and integrate it with your company’s on-premise mail. IBM Connections for Cloud – iNotes helps to reduce the cost of licensing on-premise mail clients for every user in organization who might not need them.

IBM Connections for Cloud provides the organizations of interest with a variety of hybrid solutions based on their requirements.

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