Today myself and the other IBM Champions were notified of the 2011 IBM Technology Trends Survey. To support the survey, 100 people who respond will receive a gift certificate for $20. Not bad for 10-15 minutes of your time. Why do I think this is important? I’m sure the results will get picked up again by analysts, so it’s an opportunity to have input into information that senior IT professionals may be using to base strategy decisions. Below is a brief description that Joyce Davis sent out:

“What is the survey?

In the 2010 IBM Tech Trends Survey, more than 50% of the respondents told us mobile application development will overtake other types of development by 2015. And nearly 70% felt cloud computing will become the primary way organizations will acquire IT in the next five years.
The survey garnered press coverage across the globe, allowing IBM to highlight its offerings for the top trends identified. The PR success of the 2010 survey has prompted us to make this an annual survey and expand the subjects we can cover.
For 2011, we set out to go deeper with the 2011 IBM Tech Trends Survey. The survey was crafted with by collaboration with close to 20 product and strategy teams. The results will have direct impact on business directions and strategies in IBM. We will reveal the motivators that drive these trends, identify adoption challenges and concerns, and explore other growth areas such as social business and business analytics.”

You can take the survey by clicking on this link

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