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William Grant

We chose Intec to help us deliver our EDI migration project due to their wealth of experience in our industry. This has proven to be the right decision as they have been a vital part of the project success.

XPages Help Application v1.2.0

Last night a new release of the XPages Help Application was launched on OpenNTF. For those who haven’t seen it, this is an XPages framework for managing online help content. The application demonstrates extensive use of themes, use of Java managed beans, and an implementation of the OpenLog Java class specifically designed for use in …

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GMail Learns from Lotus iNotes

The twittersphere and the internet are all buzzing with the news that Gmail has added a preview pane, learning from tablets. An article circulated from Twitter calls it “heart-warming” and “exciting” and says it will make Gmail “more awesome than ever”. Google for “preview pane gmail” and you’ll not find any shortage of articles. Excuse me, because …

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XPages Error Pages: Partial Refresh and JavaScript

Some weeks ago I was discussing an XPages query with a colleague from the community. I’d created a custom error page for my application and it worked well. But on some occasions, the buttons or links on my error page were not working. Eventually I tracked it down to confirm that the buttons or links …

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Open University

Intec provided the team with a mentoring package using the skills of its very experienced XPages development staff. This has proved to be a hugely effective relationship for the team and has brought the programmers up to speed with new levels of confidence and ability very quickly.


We have found Intec to be a particularly helpful and knowledgeable Business Partner who have taken the time to gain a thorough understanding of our business and have consequently recommended and implemented solutions which are proving to be of significant benefit to us.

United Registrar of Systems

When we decided to replace our core line of business software we found Intec to be good listeners who quickly understood our business process requirements and were innovative and flexible in their proposed solution.

Northern Foods

The people we have worked with on the various projects have been highly experienced and knowledgeable. This has certainly helped us in our integration goals.


The initial database was built over 4 weeks,followed by a period of intense activity as internal customers requested changes, it became an iterative process. Intec impressed us by responding well to the challenges of integrating Java and Lotus together.

Exel Logistics

Intec has the right skill set for delivering technology and project management skills that enables companies like us to concentrate on our core business – and build the relationship with our clients.
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