A couple of months ago I asked whether people would be interested in custom controls for Dojo charting. I got lots of positive responses and people interested in helping out. However, then ILUG intervened and shortly afterwards one of my sessions for Lotusphere was accepted. On top of that I struggled to get my head around a flexible model for passing various data sources for the various types of chart (pie chart for example can take more than just an array of data elements, as I showed in my tutorials). So, mea culpa, it slipped from the top of my virtual inbox.

Thankfully not everyone procrastinates like I do, and Julian Buss has done wonderfully to create the YouAtNotes charting project on OpenNTF, licensed under GPL. (If you’re not quite sure what this covers, there has been an open discussion on Declan Sciolla-Lynch’s blog which clarifies things – read the comments.)

So thanks to Julian for his great work, no doubt drawing from his considerable XPages experience.

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