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developerWorks has become the de facto site for a lot of IBM community content. For some time it has been the portal to Digital Experience projects uploaded to OpenNTF. It has become the source for Bluemix-related blog posts and forums. And more and more (Connections) communities are being managed via developerWorks rather than (Lotus) Greenhouse. In theory, then, it should be possible to access that Connections-based content via the Connections Mobile App. But it’s not immediately obvious how to do so. So I asked the community, and Erik Vos was able to work out the relevant URL.

When adding a new account in the Connections Mobile app there are three options: IBM SmartCloud, IBM Greenhouse and My company’s server. Obviously it’s not the first two, so that only leaves the last one.

Add a nickname for the account (e.g. “developerWorks”), add your username and password, and for the URL use

Erik worked this out based on the URL for the C1 test environment for Connections Cloud. If you want to use that from a mobile device, that can also be added, with the URL

Thanks, Erik!

2 thoughts on “developerWorks and Connections Mobile App”

  1. Thanks for the info!
    After reading your blog entry, I used my favourite search engine to look up Details – and found out, that this actually is documented:!/wiki/Improvements%20in%20developerWorks%20Community?section=mob

    The Information looks a bit outdated otherwise, but the login procedure is accurate. And it could be advertised a bit (which you did – would not have found it otherwise, so thanks again!)


    1. Thanks, I didn’t realilse that existed either. It’s useful to know and it adds a bit of extra information.

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