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Performance is an area that I have been very aware of with Domino, as I’ve previously blogged about. It’s an aspect I cover in basic XPages training and sessions I’ve done.

But before going any further, it’s important to realise performance falls into two distinct areas – developer performance (speed to market) and code performance (speed for users). Spending a lot of (development) time optimising performance for an app that will be used by a handful of users is rarely required. And it can often lead to more complex code that can bleed development time as you hit problems you don’t need to solve and bleed support time as every developer who looks at the code (including yourself!) spends time trying to work out what it’s doing and cursing the developer (and we’ve all cursed the developer, only to realise it was you!).

There are easy things you can do, like not using getCount(), using ViewNavigators (blog posts by Tommy Valand and of course Karsten Lehmann are regular articles I point to) and NoteCollections.

But Verse on Premises was an area where number of users and load was always going to be a factor. So any insights from that team are worth developers bearing in mind. So it’s very useful to hear the insights of Stephan Wissel on the topic and I would recommend every developer read that. It’s also great to hear that on the back of Verse on Premise we will be seeing more performance boosts (as previously seen in 8.5.3, 9.0 and 9.0.1) for core C code, thanks to Jim Cooper.

It looks like FP8 is going to be a key point to upgrade servers to.

For those looking to look at performance I would strongly recommend enabling profiling of agents and using XPages Toolbox to profile backend code in the same way.

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