For a couple of weeks I’ve been working with Domino V10 on Docker, partly to use the App Dev Pack which is only available on Linux for the beta. There are a couple of gotchas that developers may fall into and may require changes of design.

The first is that all file names and folder names are case sensitive. I was vaguely aware of this from some time ago, possibly via this StackOverflow question. But it may have a big impact on testing of XPages applications and, in some cases, coding in applications. One such area might be checking parts of a URL.

URL handling may also be affected by the other difference. The standard separator for folders on Linux is a forward slash (“/”), not a backslash (“\”) as on Windows. So if you’ve got code that’s working out the current folder for the application, for example, it may need changing. The good news is there is a standard method of coding in Java. File.separator will give the right character, regardless of the operating system.  In SSJS you’ll need the full class name

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