The signup for Domino v10 beta 2 is still open for another day and if you haven’t already signed up, you can do using the beta 2 nomination form. Beta 2 itself is planned for mid-August. As someone involved in beta 1, it’s been a good experience and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on more V10 goodness with beta 2.

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  1. Andreicut Mihai

    That’s nice, but the request for Domino V10 Beta 1 was ignored, and Beta 2… Maybe IBM should look on their company that use Lotus Notes/IBM Domino more than 20 years to have access to this beta program. Just saying 🙂

    1. I can’t comment on what was put in your justification for beta 1’s submission form and what IBM were looking for. But I am aware that the initial beta was very restricted, so I’m sure you weren’t the only long-standing customer. But when trying to make the best case for my own justification, I deliberately focused my own justification on more edge-case functionality like Java REST service plugins, open source work like ODA that is leveraged by a wider audience, and a desire to be able to deliver a fully-functioning open source release of ODA as soon as V10 launched. My thought process was that this offered IBM the ability to ensure functionality that others might not be as able to test still worked and ensured fixes before beta 2. Open source was also a big focus of IBM / HCL announcements at recent conferences so I hoped a desire to ensure a successful open source community would also work in my favour. I also tried to reference use cases that fitted into the new features of V10, although not all of those features were part of the beta 1 delivery. I may have over-thought my justification, reputation may have been in my favour, but I didn’t want to just rely on reputation and I’ve tried to follow through and test all areas I mentioned in my justification. There are still some minor additions in ODA I need to make when beta 2 comes out.

    1. No, it’s not complicated at all. Every new version brings new APIs. Although previous versions will continue to run, we need to add them to the org.openntf.domino classes, in order for developers to be able to leverage them. In most cases we’re just wrapping the lotus.domino call, so it’s a basic change. For specific reasons, I waited until beta 2.
      The only backwards-compatible issue we’ve ever had was the removal of an osgi plugin from Domino. We weren’t actually using it, but a reference to it had been left in following refactoring. So for FP10 (I think) installing an older version in DDE failed. But we documented that on OpenNTF.

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