The build-up to Domino V10 is ramping up and if you’re a regular visitor to the Destination Domino site, you may have seen a countdown appear at the top. The countdown is to October 9th 2018 9:00am BST, 10:00am CET where it will be unveiled at Think Germany in Frankfurt. The launch will be livestreamed and it’s clear there will be other launch cities around the world, so expect more announcements as we build towards October.

And if you’re wanting to be ready for Domino V10 and V11, a great place is ICON UK with some strong sessions related to application development, administration and strategy. There will also be interesting sessions from IBM and HCL about the new features as well as the opportunity to talk to key staff. Plus I’m sure there will be a strong attendance from IBM Champions who will be able to talk about their experiences.

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