So today was my debut as a speaker at a LUG, at BLUG at the IBM Forum in Brussels. My session title was “XPages from a Different ‘View’-point”, basically getting the most from View Controls, Data Tables and most of all Repeat Controls. Basically I was showcasing various techniques to help widen horizons for displaying, editing and navigating through data – some from various blogs, some that I’ve learned and developed myself (and will be blogging or sharing elsewhere in the near future). Thanks to Theo for accepting my abstract, it’s been a hectic month putting my presentation together, and thanks also to Tim Clark for helping me do that.

Although it’s also my first LUG, BLUG is clearly very well-organised and well-supported. Before I became a developer I worked in a role that included conference management, so I appreciate just how much time and effort needs to be invested. It’s a bit like a swan – even though all looks beautiful and serene above the surface, there’s a massive amount of effort being done under the surface.

And I’m hoping that my session was the same – calm and serene on the surface – because I know it wasn’t anywhere near as calm as that under the surface! But it helps that the community has been very welcoming and inclusive. All in all it’s a great experience that I would highly recommend. But you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you want to get involved, it’s well worth picking up on the tips for how to write a successful abstract that were blogged around the time of Lotusphere. You may not be accepted first time, and even when you are there is a great deal of careful thought, planning and effort ahead of you before you present your session. But in my opinion it’s definitely well worth it.

When I’ve had time to call down (and probably recover from tonight!) I’ll blog on the sessions today, and also start blogging on some of my learning – including a nice addition to dojox charting.

1 thought on “Experiences of Speaking at BLUG”

  1. Paul, no one would have known it was your first speaking gig. You did just great. I’m sure we’ll see you more on stage.

    We also enjoyed your company ‘off stage’ !

    Thanks for making the BLUG event better.

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