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A couple of weeks ago I received an acceptance for one of my session abstracts for IBM Connect 2015 2016. The session is titled “Marty, You’re Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally”: Troubleshooting XPages. The session arose from some blog posts I did this year as well as a number of questions I’ve seen on StackOverflow this year that demonstrated a variety of issues based on mapping the XPage or Custom Control to the behaviour being encountered on the browser. With close links to Back to the Future, the session will be a light-hearted breakdown of some XPages functionality into process steps. The aim is to enable developers to be able to break down processes that are often seen as single steps into the actual multiple steps, in order to better hit the mark first time and, if not, work out for themselves why the outcome is not what they expected. There will be a demo application to wallk through the learning, but I am also working on a companion application that will be running during the session. More will be announced about that application closer to IBM Connect.

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