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Last week I delivered two sessions at ConnectED. Here are the session slides.

BP106 From XPages Hero To OSGi Guru: Taking The Scary Out Of Building Extension Libraries

MAS103 XPages Performance & Scalability

To download the slides, go to Slideshare, for BP106 (not sure what went wrong with the URL!) and MAS103.

3 thoughts on “IBM ConnectED 2015 Session Slides”

  1. Hi Paul,

    I attended both your sessions and found them very useful. A request: the slides do not seems to be downloadable, just viewable. I do have a account, but I seem to be unable to find them there (yes, it’s me….)
    Any chance of getting the PDF or the PPTX?


    1. I’ve added links – they’re downloadable from Slideshare itself. I noticed something strange went on with the URL for BP106 – it says MAS103, possibly because I copied and pasted the title, then amended it before saving.

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