Yesterday, IBM announce the IBM Think Big Challenge, a fun community game in the lead-up to IBM Think. Daniel Lieber and I are team leaders for #YellowLivesOn, with Bill Malchisky and Amy Stonesifer leading our opponents.

You don’t have to be attending IBM Think to get involved and you only need to be involved in as much as you want to be. There are a host of tasks to see which team will be the winner over the coming weeks and months. And even though there are a few tasks based around the Community Day at IBM Think, but there are various ways we can think outside-the-box to include those not at the event.

So if you want to get involved and join the best team, tweet us including the #YellowLivesOn hash tag and @IBMSocialBiz, send me or Daniel a message on Watson Workspace / Slack / Zoom or reach out in some other way. The more people involved, the more fun we’ll have.

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