With just over a week until ICON UK, it will be a busy event for Intec.

I (Paul Withers) will be delivering a session on graph databases called “Find your data – use GraphDB capabilities in XPages applications – and beyond“. I recently blogged on my personal blog site about why I am a big fan of graph databases. I recently came across a blog post by Christian Tillmans who also seems to be a fan of graph databases. The session will focus on what graph database options are out there, building on a fair amount of investigation I’ve done over the last few months. It will give some background to the implementation in OpenNTF Domino API, for which I’ve gained even greater appreciation in recent months. The session is on day 2 at 12:10 in Room 2 and will give you plenty of food for thought for lunch! Here is the abstract:

Relational, NoSQL, NewSQL, Graph: there are a lot of database options out there. The current push from large technology providers, including Microsoft and IBM, is graph. Learn what graph databases are and why they may be a good fit for many Domino applications. Find out about the main open source framework, Apache Tinkerpop, and options based upon it – both open source and proprietary, small and enterprise, on premises and cloud. Then see how you can leverage them today to add value to your existing Domino data, with OpenNTF Domino API’s GraphNSF functionality.

Rooven Pakkiri and David Mason will deliver a session titled “Age of Disruption: Age of Digital Transformation“. The session is part of the opening session at 10:15 on the first day, so well worth attending. If you’re unclear what digital transformation means or why application development is at the heart of the future. Here is the abstract:

We are now well into the Age of Disruption with business models like Uber and Air BNB quite literally changing the landscape for their respective sectors and leaving a trail of failing businesses in their wake. And with a road-map that has mainstream adoption of cloud computing, Apps for everything, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, connected living, autonomous vehicles, smart homes, big data and robotics; the Disruption will not be slowing down anytime soon. Getting company-wide engagement with the Digital Transformation agenda is now mission critical. In this session we will show you how you can lead the way in getting your organization focused and confident about dealing with the Digital Agenda. You will come away with a good idea of what Digital Transformation means for you and inspired with how you can get started.

Finally Tim Malone will deliver a session with HP Dalen, who used to work in ICS at IBM before moving to work on big data. The session is titled “The Power To Believe” and will cover how to maximise the data in your business and beyond to better inform decisions. The session is on day 2 at 10:05 in room 3 and here is the abstract:

The main differentiator for really successful companies today is data and the intelligence they draw from their data to make better and faster decisions.

Data is the new bacon!

We will provide a quick (and not very technical) overview of the hottest trends in Analytics and Big Data like Hadoop, Spark, Data Streaming and Real Time Analytics. We will discuss a number of examples from a variety of industries, with emphasis on real outcomes for business users from big data and dark data. We will discuss how combining different data sources for instance from your Domino applications, Smarter Workforce systems, business data like point of sales data with new and innovative data from weather, Twitter and government data can help you uncover hidden relationships in your data that will help you better understand your business and help you make better decisions.

In addition to all these sessions Intec are also proud to be platinum sponsors for ICON UK again. If you have any questions about application development, licensing, cloud, or the Smarter Workforce (Kenexa) solutions, we will be happy to help.

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