For a long time Intec have been involved with Engage delivering sessions. In a significant year for the products we’re proud to extend that involvement by sponsoring Engage as well.

Engage has long been a prestigious event in the user group calendar, with stunning venues organised by Lifetime IBM Champion, Theo Heselmans. That is reinforced again by the inclusion of Darren Oberst, executive VP at HCL Products and Platforms, already announced as the keynote speaker. Although abstracts are still open for a few more days, it’s certain there will be another strong agenda and this conference will be a significant milestone in the road to Domino V11.

Although Intec are predominantly services-focused in the ICS space, we have increasingly been involved in managed services, with a “Savile Row” service tailored to our customers’ individual needs. Since the early days of XPages, custom mentoring and training have played a big part in that. But the emergence of Domino on the cloud offers other opportunities as well. Connections Customizer, ICEC, Watson Assistant, Node-RED and Node.js development are just a few areas where we have augmented strong Domino skills. And beyond ICS we also have strong HR services offerings covering people analytics and talent management. In an increasingly smaller world, increased digital communication and with many locations on the continent as close to some in the UK, distance is less of a limiting factor – as evidenced by the worldwide attendance at Engage.

And at this exciting time for Domino and the other portfolio products, we have launched the Domino Next Step Hub, an area focused on what Domino and Intec can offer. The site includes a fun Domino-related quiz which we invite you to take part in.

We look forward to meeting you all Engage at Autoworld Brussels May 14 – 15 for yet another unforgettable event.

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