Yesterday at Connect in San Francisco Intec were announced as the winner of the IBM Business Partner Excellence Award for Europe. This Award recognises an IBM Business Partner in each geographical region who has demonstrated excellence in IBM Collaboration Solutions technology, as well as commitment, leadership and dedication to IBM and clients.

Tim Malone, Intec CEO said ‘There are many facets of a business which IBM look at before issuing this award and therefore it is due to the exceptional performance of the company as a whole that we were chosen. As a result, and on behalf of Intec I would like to say thank you to all our employees for their contributions, and to IBM for honouring us. We will continue to provide a source of knowledge, experience and excellence to our clients throughout 2017 and into the future.’

Paul Withers of Intec is at Connect in San Francisco this week, speaking on Domino Application Development futures and provided this summary of the announcements at the Opening General Session which also took place yesterday;

During the OGS two new areas, Watson Work and Watson Talent were announced. This has had an implementation in Watson Workspace (previously code named Toscana), a key product for cognitive integration launched in preview last October and further enhanced since. Intec was highlighted as one of the early adopters in the development area of Watson Work and Intec can help extend existing applications to modernise with new features to add cognitive functionality and integration.

In the on premises world, Verse on Premises was launched at the end of last year and will be expanded further during the year with feature packs. Domino Feature Pack 8 is expected in the next few weeks and will work with Feature Pack 9 to modernise core technologies of first the server and then the client, of particular benefit for the development IDE. Sametime on premises support was also announced until at least 2021, following on from the similar announcement for Domino.

Domino will have a lot of REST access enhancements in upcoming releases and Intec has customer experience and open source expertise to give custom REST access for Domino. Panagenda’s Application Insights was also announced as free to use to analyse Domino application usage to help modernise. Intec has been involved in open source development to further analyse applications for modernisation. Three partners were also announced for application modernisation, which may suit certain applications for certain scenarios, Aveedo, Darwino and Sapho. Intec have been involved in workshops for Darwino, which provides offline capabilities for apps and has been demoed to some of our customers already.

Verse in cloud has had a lot of updates during the last year, with work on calendaring recently released and cognitive being a core focus for the future. A cognitive inbox is coming this year. Verse mobile app has also had a lot of enhancements, including calendaring features mirroring cloud functionality.

Connections communities and mobile applications for better usability, with smarter functionality around files were also announced. The Orient Me homepage using analytics to surface personalised data is coming next month. Connections Pink was also formally announced, a bottom-up rewrite of Connections aimed at a single codestream for on premises and cloud, aimed at development and customisation as never before and leveraging Watson Work Services. Project Live Grid will bring community application development within Connections, automatically enabled for REST access. Before Connections Pink, Connections 6 is due in the middle of 2017 with a direct upgrade path from both Connections 5 and Connections 5.5.

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