With ICON UK now less than a week away (September 21st and 22nd, IBM South Bank, London), it’s a busy build-up for us at Intec.

Again, we’re platinum sponsors for the event, so there’s a lot of preparation happening for our booth. Immediately after the keynote, Rooven Pakkiri will deliver a session entitled Human Capital – the last differentiator, which will describe how and why we at Intec are bridging the gap between more traditional IBM technologies and Kenexa.

At 11:50 I will be delilvering a session, To Infinity and Beyond: OpenNTF Domino API and CrossWorlds, which covers the progress made with OpenNTF Domino API (ODA) and related technologies over the last year. We’ll cover the graph implementation of Tinkerpop by Nathan T. Freeman, the use of XOTS to run multi-threaded tasks which can either wait for completion or run in the background, the current redevelopment of the demo application, as well as using ODA beyond XPages, showing the popular Java framework Vaadin. For a small team which does not have the band-width for separate front-end and back-end developers, getting the skills to code business logic in something other than LotusScript while still keeping on top of the myriad of JavaScript web development frameworks is daunting. So a non-proprietary, open source Java web development framework like Vaadin makes a lot of sense.

Then at 2:50, Tim Malone and Paget Miles (IBM) will deliver a session entitled Starting the Analytics Journey – what’s all the fuss about? on using Analytics and Social to give line of business the key information to solve problems and create business value.

With speed sponsoring, it makes that first day very busy. And as an OpenNTF Board Member, I will also be there representing OpenNTF. So if you have any questions or feedback on OpenNTF, please come to speak to myself or the other OpenNTF members at ICON UK as well.

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