Today I hit an error I had not seen before. When trying to run some LotusScript I got an error Notes Error: No documents were categorized. The code was getting the response documents and doing a stampAll on them. I could see there were response documents, but it was failing.

So I turned to my friend Google.

One of the early links I found was to website. Even with limited knowledge of Domino it’s clear this is totally disreputable spamware, the causes cannot possibly plausibly explain the error message on a server-based NSF, and I will utterly condemn the site.

A much more reputable explanation was found in this response to a forum post by Andre Guirard – if you see forum post or blog article written by Andre, it’s very good advice. I also found this breakdown of what appears to be the C++ function stampAll calls. It clarifies what “No documents were categorized” means by adding “stamped” afterwards. So I take it that basically means it failed on doing the update. Which fits in with what Andre was saying. But looking at the count, I was seeing some soft-deleted documents in the collection. I’m guessing that because of the soft-deletion it was trying to update them and couldn’t. Deleting those documents solved the problem.

So if you get this error and the collection should be valid, check for soft deletions and remove those before trying again.

2 thoughts on “"No Documents Were Categorized" and StampAll”

    1. Deleted or not valid documents are often a confusing problem, because you can see them, but they don’t have any fields. Which completely explains this problem where a stampAll tries to update a field, but can’t.

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