Yesterday Node-RED 1.0 was released. For those of us who have been using Node-RED for some time, this doesn't mean any change in the stability of the product. But it's a significant milestone. What's also impressive is the scale of increase in adoption, as highlighted in this tweet:

There have been some significant developments over the last few months including switching from synchronous to asynchronous message processing (see the blog post specifically on making flows asynchronous) and the Complete node (see the blog post specifically on the new send API). There has also been a reorganisation of the palette, and there was quite a bit of discussion in the Slack dev channel about the categories before it happened.

Read the Node-RED 1.0 announcement blog post for more details of what's changed. Also included was a video introduction to Node-RED, but which also showed Node-RED gurus new things:

I've made no secret of my interest in Node-RED, speaking on the topic at conferences like Social Connections 14 last year and Engage this year. Here's to a bright future for Node-RED over the future, and many more years interacting with it.

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